Welcome Everyone

Cpanel image Welcome to Cpanel Modifications, we will show you how take a server/vps with a linux operating system and install Cpanel from start to finish, in a way everyone can understand and do.From the time you start to the time you have your sites up and secure,in a few easy steps.We will show you all the ssh commands you need and how to use them in a simple way, all the modifications and settings to get you up and running. We will discuss the aspects of firewalls,mod_security,security settings,anti virus,GD libraries,easy apache , your php.ini file as well as your my.cnf file to keep everything running smooth and with a low load.We will discuss tips and modifications as we go along that will keep you on top of things and hopefully self sufficient,where you can easely maintain your hosting yourself.We will be refering to all the manuals you need,the things we have learned from Ranae at ” BuyCpanel.com “ as she has helped so many people,including us to keep our hosting up and running, as well as all the people there, We will include tips from hosting company’s ,and security people we know to also get you up to speed. So, lets get started and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and ask, we are always here to help.

The Cpanel Modifications Staff